FINtastic Swim School



With a passion for educating their clients about the need to be more water aware, FINtastic Swim School is dedicated to producing confident and proficient swimmers that enjoy swimming for a lifetime. 




FINtastic Swim School was established in 2006 by Pamela Baldwin to inspire water awareness with a commitment to preventing drowning deaths.  Through the school, Pamela has set out to provide a space where each client can evolve at their own pace, nurture their swim strengths while working through their weaknesses, and move towards a place of confidence and self-awareness in any body of water.  Recognized as one of the top swimming instructors in Los Angeles, Pamela has a 35-year swimming background which includes:  ten years of competition, four years of Olympic technique training, twenty years of lifeguard experience and twenty years of swimming instruction.  In her commitment to maintaining the highest standard of lessons, FINtastic Swim School never compromises their clients’ growth as they navigate their way to becoming confident, independent swimmers.  It has been a lifelong dream of Pamela’s to launch her new W.A.T.E.R. Ambassador Program that is geared toward helping to end the stigmas that surround drowning.  She wants to engage parents and child care professionals in a candid conversation while providing the proper educational and training resources to make everyone more “water aware.”  


Did you know that worldwide an estimated 360,000 people die annually from drowning? FINtastic Swim School wants to educate everyone in becoming more water aware through their W.A.T.E.R. Ambassador Program.  Join us today and help start the conversation.

FINtastic Swim School has taught over 600 students to swim in the Los Angeles area.